CrossFit Junkies is a 3,000 sq/ft. strength and conditioning facility located in Stevens Plantation in the City of St. Cloud, FL. We offer group coaching utilizing the CrossFit methodology. CrossFit workouts are comprised of constantly varied functional movements (like; pushing, pulling, squatting, lifting and running) executed at high intensity.

Here you will not see rows of treadmills or weight machines; we are not a “Globo Gym”. You will see kettle bells, pull-up bars, ropes and AWESOME COACHES! With constantly varied programming you will rarely do the same workout twice in a given year.

At CrossFit Junkies we are just that! We eat, live and breathe CrossFit. Every day we train harder than hard, set goals and break down barriers. CrossFit Junkies is where new families are created, not because we are forced, but because we all want the same thing. We want to be pushed to our limits, we want to feel accomplished after each workout, and we want to feel like we’re doing the impossible! CrossFit Junkies is a place where there are no excuses, no FLUFF and the words “I can’t” doesn’t exist. A place where finishing last feels like first and being first means adding more weight.

So please come join us, our box, our community, our family…

BEFORE & AFTER photos of members following our 6 weeks
Nutrition Challenge, the results are amazing!


Monday-Friday (Mornings):
7:30am – 10:30am
Monday-Friday (Afternoon):
4:00pm - 8:30pm
Saturday: 10:00am - 12:00pm


  • Why do I have to do the free 1 on 1 session? And why is it free?

  • How long will this process take before I see results?

  • Don’t I need to get in shape first before I join?

  • Will I get “six-pack abs”?

  • I’ve got a bad back, knee, shoulder, excuse, etc…

  • Can I build muscle?

  • What are your prices? Are you expensive?

  • Competitive Group

  • Individualized Program Design

  • Do you offer any discounts or contracts?

  • Are you a CrossFit gym?